Have that strong desire to have the lovely swimming pool for your family to enjoy daily ?

Wanting to live in a condo where your kids can play all day safely within premises ?

Be it tennis, children’s playground, yoga or ballet practice or swimming class.

Many are afraid to even take the first step to find out how.

Do you have enough monies to downpay your first condo ?

Can you buy first and then sell your current Hdb ?

How to determine if your current household income is sufficient to get the loan you need ?

What are the condominiums available out there that your income can support?

Should I take action now or Should I wait till I save  enough for the downpayment ?

What is the right way to begin this journey ?

There are just too many questions in every aspiring homeowner these days. With many Financial, CPF and Housing policies in place, one can be fearful to take on the first step to invest in a brand new Home.

Is Executive Condominiums (EC) STILL THE BEST entry-level purchase a homeowner could ask for ?

What 8are the UPCOMING Executive Condominiums (EC) Launches ?

  • Sumang Walk             July 2019  820 units

  • Canberra Link            Q1 2020    450 units

  • Anchorvale Cres        Q1 2020    540 units

  • Tampines Ave 10        Q2 2020   715 units

  • Canberra Link *          Q3 2020  385 units   * Land Tender will be launch soon mid-2019

  • Fernvale Lane*             Q3 2020   525 units